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    • A systems-level yield gap assessment of maize-soybean rotation under high- and low-management inputs in the Western US Corn Belt using APSIM 

      Balboa, Guillermo R.; Archontoulis, Sotirios; Salvagiotti, Fernando; Garcia, Fernando O.; Stewart, W.M.; Francisco, Eros Artur Bohac; Vara Prasad, P.V.; Ciampitti, Ignacio A. (Elsevier, 2019-08)
      Quantifying yield gaps (potential minus actual yield) and identifying management practices to close those gaps is critical for sustaining high-yielding production systems. The objectives of this study were to: 1) calibrate ...
    • Intensive Soybean Management : an Integrated Systems Approach 

      Balboa, Guillermo R.; Stewart, Mike; Salvagiotti, Fernando; García, Fernando O.; Francisco, Eros Artur Bohac; Ciampitti, Ignacio A. (2017)
      Ecological intensification impacted soybean yield, biomass and N uptake. Narrow row spacing, high seeding rate, other best production practices, and balanced nutrition increased partitioning effi ciency for biomass, measured ...
    • Nutrient partitioning and stoichiometry in soybean: A synthesis-analysis 

      Tamagno, S.; Balboa, Guillermo R.; Assefa, Yared; Kovács, P.; Casteel, S.N.; Salvagiotti, Fernando; García, Fernando O.; Stewart, W.M.; Ciampitti, Ignacio A. (2017-01)
      On-farm attainable soybean yields are primarily limited by nutrient and water supply. High-yielding soybeans is related to high nutrient uptake. A proposed theoretical framework underpinning yield formation includes plant ...