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    • Estimating nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur uptake and requirement in soybean 

      Salvagiotti, Fernando; Magnano, Luciana; Ortez, Osler; Enrico, Juan Martin; Barraco, Miriam Raquel; Barbagelata, Pedro Anibal; Condori, Alicia Adelina; Di Mauro, Guido; Manlla, Amalia Graciela; Rotundo, Jose Luis; García, Fernando O.; Ferrari, Manuel Carlos; Gudelj, Vicente Jorge; Ciampitti, Ignacio A. (Elsevier, 2021-07)
      Estimation of crop nutrient demand, seed nutrient removal, and nutrient use efficiency (yield to nutrient uptake ratio) are crucial for pursuing both balanced nutrition and more sustainable farming systems. However, the ...
    • Plant stand, nodulation and seed yield in soybean as affected by phosphate fertilizer placement, source and application method 

      Salvagiotti, Fernando; Barraco, Miriam Raquel; Dignani, Damian; Sanchez, Hector Alfredo; Bono, Angel Alfredo; Vallone, Pedro Salvador; Gerster, Guillermo Raul; Galarza, Carlos Martin; Montoya, Jorgelina Ceferina; Gudelj, Vicente Jorge (2013-11)
      Establishing an optimum plant population at planting is the start-point for assuring seed yield in crops. In addition to plant establishment, the onset of a fully functional nodule system is crucial for nitrogen nutrition ...