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    • Quantitative trait loci affecting reproductive phenology in peach 

      Romeu Santacreu, José Francisco; Monforte Gilabert, Antonio J.; Sanchez, Gerardo; Granell Richart, Antonio; García Brunton, Jesús; Badenes, María Luisa; Ríos García, Gabino (2014-02-22)
      Background: The reproductive phenology of perennial plants in temperate climates is largely conditioned by the duration of bud dormancy, and fruit developmental processes. Bud dormancy release and bud break depends on the ...
    • The peach volatilome modularity is reflected at the genetic and environmental response levels in a QTL mapping population 

      Sanchez, Gerardo; Martinez, José; Romeu Santacreu, José Francisco; García Brunton, Jesús; Monforte Gilabert, Antonio J.; Badenes, María Luisa; Granell Richart, Antonio (2014-05-19)
      Background: The improvement of fruit aroma is currently one of the most sought-after objectives in peach breeding programs. To better characterize and assess the genetic potential for increasing aroma quality by breeding, ...