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    • Metabolic profile of mycobacterium smegmatis reveals Mce4 proteins are relevant for cell wall lipid homeostasis 

      Santangelo, María De La Paz; Heuberger, Adam; Blanco, Federico Carlos; Forrellad, Marina Andrea; Taibo, Catalina Beatriz; Klepp, Laura Ines; Sabio y Garcia, Julia Veronica; Nikel, Pablo I.; Jackson, Mary; Bigi, Fabiana (2016)
      Introduction The Mce proteins are encoded in a variable number of operons (from one to eight) in all Mycobacterium species. A role in the transport of host and mycobacterial lipids has been demonstrated for some Mce proteins ...
    • Snakin/GASA proteins : involvement in hormone crosstalk and redox homeostasis 

      Nahirñak, Vanesa; Almasia, Natalia Ines; Hopp, Horacio Esteban; Vazquez Rovere, Cecilia (Taylor & Francis, 2012)
      Snakin/GASA proteins are widely distributed among plant species. They are expressed in different plant organs with high tissue and temporal specificity, and their subcellular localization varies among the different members. ...