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    • Molecular mapping of Asian soybean rust resistance in soybean landraces PI 594767A, PI 587905 and PI 416764 

      Hossain, Motaher M.; Akamatsu, Hajime; Morishita, Masami; Mori, T.; Yamaoka, Yuichi; Suenaga, Kazuhiro; Soares, Rafael Moreira; Bogado, Alicia Noelia; Ivancovich, Antonio Juan; Yamanaka, Naoki (Wiley, 2015-02)
      Asian soybean rust (ASR), caused by Phakopsora pachyrhizi, is one of the most serious diseases of soybean. The soybean landraces PI 594767A, PI 587905 and PI 416764 previously showed high levels of resistance to a wide ...
    • Pathogenic diversity of soybean rust in Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay 

      Akamatsu, Hajime; Yamanaka, Naoki; Yamaoka, Yuichi; Soares, Rafael Moreira; Morel, Wilfrido; Ivancovich, Antonio Juan; Bogado, Alicia Noelia; Kato, Masayasu; Yorinori, José Tadashi; Suenaga, Kazuhiro (Springer, 2013-01)
      Phakopsora pachyrhizi, the cause of soybean rust, is an economically important pathogen of soybean in South America. Understanding the pathogenicity of indigenous fungal populations is useful for identifying resistant plant ...
    • The Use of Detached Leaf Inoculation for Selecting Cercospora kikuchii Resistance in Soybean Genotypes 

      Kashiwa, Takeshi; Lavilla, Miguel Angel; Diaz Paleo, Antonio Horacio; Ivancovich, Antonio Juan Gerardo; Yamanaka, Naoki (The American Phytopathological Society (APS), 2021-11)
      Cercospora leaf blight (CLB) causes extensive losses in soybean production in worldwide, including major soybean-producing countries such as Argentina. Cercospora kikuchii, C. cf. sigesbeckiae, C. cf. flagellaris, and C. ...