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    • Comparative study of the inflorescence, spikelet and flower development in species of Cynodonteae (Chloridoideae, Poaceae) 

      Pilatti, Vanesa; Muchut, Sebastián Elías; Uberti Manassero, Nora Graciela; Vegetti, Abelardo Carlos; Reinheimer, Renata (Oxford University Press, 2019-04)
      Inflorescence morphology in Poaceae subtribes Hilariinae, Monanthochloinae, Boutelouinae, Scleropogoninae and Muhlenbergiinae (Cynodonteae, Chloridoideae) has been revisited recently, but inflorescence development remains ...
    • Trophotagma Enrichment Axes in Poaceae 

      Muchut, Sebastián Elías; Pilatti, Vanesa; Uberti Manassero, Nora Graciela; Perreta, Mariel Gladis; Vegetti, Abelardo Carlos (2018-03)
      This review is intended: (1) to interpret and characterize morphological variations observed in the structure of the enrichment axes, located below the terminal inflorescence in Poaceae; and (2) to study the relationship ...