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    • Hybrid sunflower seed yield, composition and deterioration after chemical desiccation 

      Szemruch, Cyntia Lorena; Cantamutto, Miguel Angel; García, F.A.; Aguirre, M.; Renteria, S.J.; Rondanini, Deborah Paola (2017-04)
      The impact of chemical desiccation on yield showed contrasting results depending on seed moisture content at the time of application. Its effects on seed deterioration are still unknown and could be modified by seed ...
    • Ranges of Vigor Based on the Electrical Conductivity Test in Dehulled Sunflower Seeds 

      Szemruch, Cyntia Lorena; del Longo, Olga Teresita; Ferrari, Liliana; Renteria, S.J.; Murcia, Marcos German; Cantamutto, Miguel Angel; Rondanini, Deborah Paola (Academic Journals, 2015)
      Electrical Conductivity (EC) is a promising vigor test since it produces fast laboratory results. In sunflower, the leakage of electrolytes from the pericarp may interfere with exudates from embryo tissues. The aims of ...
    • Soybean pod and grain isoflavones accumulation during the filling period in field conditions 

      Carrera, Constanza Soledad; Urretabizkaya, Nestor; Gontijo Mandarino, José Marcos; Leite, Rodrigo Santos; Szemruch, Cyntia Lorena; Rondanini, Deborah Paola (Ediciones INTA, 2021-12)
      The objective of this work was to determine the isoflavones accumulation in soybean pods and grains during the filling period in field conditions. Pods of the same phenological stage (marked in R5, i.e. beginning of grain ...