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    • Feed sorting behavior and performance of Argentinian Creole, Braford and crossbred steers during the growing and fattening phases 

      Della Rosa, Maria Milagros; Corva, Pablo Marcelo; Royo, Victoria; Zimerman, Maria; Bottegal, Diego Nicolas; Nasca, Jose Andres (Ediciones INTA, 2022-04)
      Local Latin American cattle breeds are considered highly adapted to grazing systems in harsh environments, but their potential in more intensified beef production systems, particularly when compared to imported breeds, is ...
    • Genetic and management factors affecting beef quality in grazing Hereford steers 

      Melucci, Lilia Magdalena; Panarace, M.; Feula, P.; Villarreal, Edgardo Leopoldo; Grigioni, Gabriela Maria; Carduza, Fernando Jose; Soria, Liliana A.; Mezzadra, Carlos Alberto; Arceo, Maria E.; Papaleo Mazzucco, Juliana; Corva, Pablo Marcelo; Irurueta, Martin; Rogberg Muñoz, Andres; Miquel, María Cristina (Elsevier, 2012-12)
      Attributes contributing to differences in beef quality of 206 Hereford steers finished on pasture were assessed. Beef quality traits evaluated were: Warner–Bratzler meat tenderness and muscle and fat color at one and seven ...