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    • Anuran responses to spatial patterns of agricultural landscapes in Argentina 

      Suarez, Romina Paula; Zaccagnini, Maria Elena; Babbitt, Kimberly J.; Calamari, Noelia Cecilia; Natale, Guillermo Sebastian; Cerezo, Alexis; Codugnello, Nadia; Boca, Rosa Teresa; Damonte, María Jimena; Vera Candioti, Josefina; Gavier Pizarro, Gregorio Ignacio (2016-12)
      Context: Amphibians are declining worldwide and land use change to agriculture is recognized as a leading cause. Argentina is undergoing an agriculturalization process with rapid changes in landscape structure. Objectives: ...
    • Combined effects of agrochemical contamination and forest loss on anuran diversity in agroecosystems of east-central Argentina 

      Suarez, Romina Paula; Cappelletti, Sandra Mailen; Solari, Laura María; Goijman, Andrea Paula; Cristos, Diego Sebastian; Rojas, Dante Emanuel; Krug, Pamela; Babbitt, Kimberly J.; Gavier Pizarro, Gregorio Ignacio (Elsevier, 2020-11)
      Agricultural expansion and intensification has led globally to a rapid landscape structure change and high agrochemical use resulting in habitat loss and degraded environmental quality. Co-occurrence of landscape change ...