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    • Grain mineral composition of Argentinean-adapted wheat cultivars: a case study 

      D'amico, Iván Franco; Silva, Mauro; Moriconi, Jorge I.; Santa-María, Guillemo E.; Bainotti, Carlos Tomas; Tabbita, Facundo (CSIRO, 2021-02-23)
      Abstract. Improvement of the nutritional quality of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) has been quite challenging, due, in part, to the limited variation found in modern cultivars and the strong effect exerted by the environment, ...
    • Regulation of Zn and Fe transporters by the GPC1gene during early wheat monocarpic senescence 

      Pearce, Stephen; Tabbita, Facundo; Cantu, Dario; Buffalo, Vince; Avni, Raz; Vazquez Gross, Hans; Zhao, Rongrong; Conley, Christopher J.; Distelfeld, Assaf; Dubcovsky, Jorge (2014-12)
      Background; During wheat senescence, leaf components are degraded in a coordinated manner, releasing amino acids and micronutrients which are subsequently transported to the developing grain. We have previously shown that ...