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    • Changes in vegetation seasonality and livestock stocking rate in La Pampa Province (Argentina) = Cambios en la estacionalidad de la vegetación y la carga animal en la provincia de La Pampa (Argentina) 

      Di Bella, Carlos Marcelo; Beget, Maria Eugenia; Campos, Alfredo Nicolas; Viglizzo, Ernesto Francisco; Jobbagy Gampel, Esteban Gabriel; Garcia, Alfredo Gabriel; Sycz, Alejandra; Cotroneo, Santiago (Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, 2019)
      Crop production is traversing expansion and intensification processes all over the planet and in consequence the large scale cattle production is being displaced to marginal lands with lower stocking capacity. The objective ...
    • Downgrading recent stimates of land available for biofuel production 

      Fritz, Steffen; See, Linda; van der Velde, Marijn; Nalepa, Rachel A.; Perger, Christoph; Schill, Christian; McCallum, Ian; Schepaschenko, Dimitry; Kraxner, Florian; Cai, Ximing; Zhang, Xiao; Ortner, Simone; Hazarika, Rubul; Cipriani, Anna; Di Bella, Carlos Marcelo; Rabia, Ahmed H.; Garcia, Alfredo Gabriel; Vakolyuk, Mar`yana; Singha, Kuleswar; Beget, Maria Eugenia; Erasmi, Stefan; Albrecht, Franziska; Shaw, Brian; Obersteiner, Michael (2013-02)
      Recent estimates of additional land available for bioenergy production range from 320 to 1411 million ha. These estimates were generated from four scenarios regarding the types of land suitable for bioenergy production ...
    • Patterns and controls of carbon dioxide and water vapor fluxes in a dry forest of central Argentina 

      Garcia, Alfredo Gabriel; Di Bella, Carlos Marcelo; Houspanossian, Javier; Magliano, Patricio; Jobbagy Gampel, Esteban Gabriel; Posse Beaulieu, Gabriela; Fernandez, Roberto J.; Nosetto, Marcelo Daniel (2017-12)
      Covering 16% of global land surface, dry forests play a key role in the global carbon budget. The Southern Hemisphere still preserves a high proportion of its native dry forest cover, but deforestation rates have increased ...