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    • Enteric listeriosis in grazing steers supplemented with spoiled silage 

      Garcia, Juan Angel; Micheloud, Juan Francisco; Campero, Carlos Manuel; Morrell, Eleonora Lidia; Odriozola, Ernesto Raul; Moreira, Ana Rita (2016)
      An outbreak of enteric listeriosis in steers that were fed spoiled silage is reported. The outbreak started 2 days after ~200 animals in a single paddock were given a supplement of spoiled silage. Forty animals (20%) were ...
    • Spatial–temporal trends and economic losses associated with bovine abortifacients in central Argentina 

      Canton, German Jose; Moreno, Fabiana Carina; Fiorentino, María Andrea; Hecker, Yanina; Spetter, Lucas Maximiliano; Fiorani, Franco; Monterubbianesi, María Gloria; Garcia, Juan Angel; González Altamiranda, Erika; Cirone, Karina Mariela; Louge Uriarte, Enrique Leopoldo; Verna, Andrea Elizabeth; Marin, Maia; Cheuquepan Valenzuela, Felipe Andres; Malena, Rosana Claudia; Morsella, Claudia Graciela; Paolicchi, Fernando; Morrell, Eleonora Lidia; Moore, Prando Dadin (Springer, 2022-07-30)
      The aims of this work are, firstly, to provide the geolocalization of cases of bovine abortion with definitive diagnosis and, secondly, to estimate the economic losses due to the most frequent abortifacients diagnosed ...