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    • Automatic recognition of quarantine citrus diseases 

      Stegmayer, Georgina; Milone, Diego Humberto; Garran, Sergio Mario; Burdyn, Lourdes (2013)
      Citrus exports to foreign markets are severely limited today by fruit diseases. Some of them, like citrus canker, black spot and scab, are quarantine for the markets. For this reason, it is important to perform strict ...
    • Characterization of sensitivity of grove and packing house isolates of Penicillium digitatum to pyrimethanil 

      Vazquez, Daniel Eduardo; Panozzo, Marina Graciela; Almirón, Nanci Jacqueline; Bello, Fernando; Burdyn, Lourdes; Garran, Sergio Mario (2014)
      In most northeast Argentinean citrus packing houses, postharvest fungicide treatments are based onthe use of thiabendazole and imazalil. However, these fungicides have been used in a manner highlyconducive to the selection ...
    • Cítricos : Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citri (Hasse) Vaut. (Cancrosis de los cítricos) 

      Messina, Miguel Angel; Tito, María Josefina; Vera, Luis Maria; Vazquez, Daniel Eduardo; Moschini, Ricardo Carlos; Canteros, Blanca Isabel; Garran, Sergio Mario; Martinez, Malvina Irene; Kornowski, Marcela Victoria; Dummel, Delia Marlene; Agostini, Juan Pedro (2015)
      A través del uso de análisis serológicos se logró identificar y clasificar distintos tipos de cancrosis, causada por diferentes patovares de la bacteria.
    • Proteomic, metabalomic, and biochemical analysis of heat treated Valencia oranges during storage 

      Perotti, Valeria Elisa; del Vecchio, Hernán A.; Sansevich, Alina; Meier, Guillermo Enrique; Bello, Fernando; Cocco, Mariángeles; Garran, Sergio Mario; Anderson, Catalina Margarita; Vazquez, Daniel Eduardo; Podesta, Florencio Esteban (Elsevier, 2011-11)
      Heat treatment induces defense mechanisms and triggers physiological responses that allow citrus fruit to withstand stressful conditions during storage. The aim of this paper was to identify changes in the proteome and the ...