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    • Modeling seed dormancy release and germination for predicting Avena fatua L. field emergence: A genetic algorithm approach 

      Blanco, Anibal Manuel; Chantre Balacca, Guillermo Ruben; Lodovichi, Mariela Victoria; Bandoni, Jose Alberto; Lopez, Ricardo Luis; Vigna, Mario Raul; Gigon, Ramon; Sabbatini, Mario Ricardo (2014-01-24)
      Avena fatua is a cosmopolite weed species which produces severe yield losses in small-grain production systems in temperate and semiarid climates. In the semiarid region of Argentina, A. fatua field emergence patterns show ...
    • Rust expression browser: an open source database for simultaneous analysis of host and pathogen gene expression profiles with expVIP 

      Adams, Thomas M.; Olsson, Tjelvar S.G.; Ramírez-González, Ricardo H.; Bryant, Ruth; Bryson, Rosie; Campos, Pablo Eduardo; Fenwick, Paul; Feuerhelm, David; Hayes, Charlotte; Henriksson, Tina; Hubbard, Amelia; Jevtić, Radivoje; Judge, Christopher; Kerton, Matthew; Lage, Jacob; Lewis, Clare M.; Lilly, Christine; Meidan, Udi; Novoselović, Dario; Patrick, Colin; Wanyera, Ruth; Saunders, Diane G.O. (BMC, 2021-03)
      Transcriptomics is being increasingly applied to generate new insight into the interactions between plants and their pathogens. For the wheat yellow (stripe) rust pathogen (Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici, Pst) RNA-based ...