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    • Development and biological evaluation of pNIPAM-based nanogels as vaccine carriers 

      Soriano Perez, María Laura; Funes, Javier Alejandro; Flores Bracamonte, Carolina; Ibarra, Luis Exequiel; Forrellad, Marina Andrea; Taboga, Oscar Alberto; Cariddi, Laura Noelia; Salinas, Facundo José; Ortega, Hugo Héctor; Alustiza, Fabrisio Eduardo; Molina, Maria (Elsevier, 2023-01)
      “Smart” nanogels are an attractive tool for the development of new strategies of immunization in veterinary medicine. Here, we reported the synthesis and physicochemical characterization of thermoresponsive nanogels based ...
    • Nanocomposites based on pH-sensitive hydrogels and chitosan decorated carbon nanotubes with antibacterial properties 

      Bellingeri, Romina; Mulko, Lucinda; Molina, Maria; Picco, Natalia; Alustiza, Fabrisio Eduardo; Grosso, M. Carolina; Vivas, Adriana; Acevedo, Diego F.; Barbero, Cesar A. (2018-09-01)
      The present work aimed to study the properties of a novel nanocomposite with promising biomedical applications. Nanocomposites were prepared by the addition of different concentrations of chitosan decorated carbon nanotubes ...