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    • Incidencia de fusariosis de la espiga en cultivares de trigo pan durante 2012-13 en Marcos Juárez (Córdoba–Argentina) 

      Alberione, Enrique Javier; Bainotti, Carlos Tomas; Donaire, Guillermo Manuel; Fraschina, Jorge Alberto; Salines, Jose Hector; Salines, Nicolas; Gomez, Dionisio Tomas; Chulze, Sofia Noemí; Palazzini, Juan Manuel; Mir, Leticia Raquel; Formica, Maria Beatriz; Cuniberti, Martha Beatriz (2015)
      En 2012 se caracterizaron cultivares de trigo frente a ataques severos de Fusariosis de la es-piga en Marcos Juárez en ensayos de RET y bajo infección artifi cial. Se determinó incidencia, severidad rendimiento de ...
    • MS INTA 416 : a new Argentinean wheat cultivar carrying Fhb1 and Lr47 resistance genes 

      Bainotti, Carlos Tomas; Lewis, Silvina; Campos, Pablo Eduardo; Alberione, Enrique Javier; Salines, Nicolas; Gomez, Dionisio Tomas; Fraschina, Jorge Alberto; Salines, Jose Hector; Formica, Maria Beatriz; Donaire, Guillermo Manuel; Vanzetti, Leonardo Sebastian; Lombardo, Lucio; Nisi, Marí­a Mercedes; Cuniberti, Martha Beatriz; Mir, Leticia Raquel; Conde, Marí­a Belén; Helguera, Marcelo (2017-09)
      MS INTA 416 is a hard red winter wheat selected for high yield potential and good bread-making quality, combined with moderate resistance to Fusarium-head-blight and high resistance to leaf-rust, due mainly to presence of ...
    • Phenobook : an open source software for phenotypic data collection 

      Crescente, Juan Manuel; Guidobaldi, Fabio; Demichelis, Melina; Formica, Maria Beatriz; Helguera, Marcelo; Vanzetti, Leonardo Sebastian (2017-04)
      Background: Research projects often involve observation, registration, and data processing starting from information obtained in field experiments. In many cases, these tasks are carried out by several persons in different ...