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    • Assessing Tn5 and sleeping beauty for transpositional transgenesis by cytoplasmic injection into bovine and ovine zygotes 

      Bevacqua, Romina Jimena; Fernández y Martin, Rafael; Canel, Natalia Gabriela; Gibbons, Alejandro Eduardo; Texeira, D.I.A.; Lange, F.; Vans Landschoot, Geraldina; Savy, Virginia; Briski, Olinda; Hiriart, María Inés; Grueso, Esther; Ivics, Zoltán; Taboga, Oscar Alberto; Kues, Wilfried A.; Ferraris, S.R.; Salamone, Daniel Felipe (2017-03-16)
      Transgenic domestic animals represent an alternative to bioreactors for large-scale production of biopharmaceuticals and could also provide more accurate biomedical models than rodents. However, their generation remains ...