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    • Peanut Can Be Used as a Reference Allergen for Hazard Characterization in Food Allergen Risk Management: A Rapid Evidence Assessment and Meta-Analysis 

      Turner, Paul J.; Patel, Nandinee; Ballmer-Weber, Barbara K.; Baumert, Joe L.; Blom, W. Marty; Brooke-Taylor, Simon; Brough, Helen; Campbell, Dianne E.; Chen, Hongbing; Chinthrajah, R. Sharon; Crevel, René W.R.; Dubois, Anthony E.J.; Elizur, Arnon; Gerdts, Jennifer D.; Gowland, M. Hazel; Houben, Geert F.; Hourihane, Jonathan O.B.; Knulst, André C.; La Vieille, Sébastien; López, María Cristina; Mills, E.N. Clare; Polenta, Gustavo Alberto; Purington, Natasha; Said, Maria; Sampson, Hugh A.; Schnadt, Sabine; Södergren, Eva; Taylor, Stephen L.; Remington, Benjamin C.; Motohiro, Ebisawa (Elsevier, 2021-08-04)
      Regional and national legislation mandates the disclosure of “priority” allergens when present as an ingredient in foods, but this does not extend to the unintended presence of allergens due to shared production facilities. ...