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    • K-mer counting and curated libraries drive efficient annotation of repeats in plant genomes 

      Contreras-Moreira, Bruno; Filippi, Carla Valeria; Naamati, Guy; García Girón, Carlos; Allen, James E.; Flicek, Paul (Wiley, 2021-09)
      The annotation of repetitive sequences within plant genomes can help in the interpretation of observed phenotypes. Moreover, repeat masking is required for tasks such as whole-genome alignment, promoter analysis, or pangenome ...
    • Plastome genomics in South American maize landraces: chloroplast lineages parallel the geographic structuring of nuclear gene pools 

      Lopez, Mariana Gabriela; Fass, Monica Irina; Rivas, Juan Gabriel; Carbonell-Caballero, José; Vera, Pablo Alfredo; Puebla, Andrea Fabiana; Defacio, Raquel Alicia; Dopazo, Joaquín; Paniego, Norma Beatriz; Hopp, Horacio Esteban; Lia, Verónica Viviana (Oxford University Press, 2021-03)
      Background and Aims: The number of plastome sequences has increased exponentially during the last decade. However, there is still little knowledge of the levels and distribution of intraspecific variation. The aims of this ...