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    • Predicting soybean development with a simple photothermal dynamic algorithm 

      Severini, Alan David; Álvarez Prado, S.; Otegui, María Elena; Vega, Claudia Rosa Cecilia; Zuil, Sebastian; Kavanová, M.; Ceretta, S.; Acreche, Martin Moises; Scholz Drodowski, R.F.; Serrago, R.A.; Miralles, D.J. (Asociación de la Cadena de la Soja Argentina, 2019-09)
      Predicting the occurrence of the critical period for soybean’s yield determination is important for farmers to decide on variety and sowing date with the objective to expose this period (during which yield is mainly ...
    • Wheat Ppd-1 allelic combination modulates photoperiod sensitivity 

      Perez Gianmarco, Thomas; Severini, Alan David; Gonzalez, Fernanda Gabriela (Sociedad Argentina de Fisiología Vegetal, 2018-11)
      ABSTRACT: a model linking Ppd-1 allelic composition to photoperiod response curve would allow replacing expensive and time consuming phenologic trials. In Ppd-1 near isogenic lines grown under different photoperiods we ...