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    • Identification and recovery of local Vitis vinifera L. cultivars collected in ancient vineyards in different locations of Argentina 

      Torres, Maria Del Rocio; Aliquo, Gustavo Alberto; Toro, Alejandro Alberto; Fernandez, Fabricio; Tornello, Simon; Palazzo, E.; Sari, Santiago Eduardo; Fanzone, Martín Leandro; De Biazi, Federico Sebastian; Oviedo, Hector Javier; Segura, R.; Laucou, Valerie; Lacombe, Thierry; Prieto, Jorge Alejandro (Wiley, 2022-05)
      Abstract. Background and Aims: These last years, minor cultivars have gained attention as they provide an opportunity to offer original products in a global market and to combat global warming. Recent evidence brought to ...
    • Identity and parentage of some South American grapevine cultivars present in Argentina 

      Aliquo, Gustavo; Torres, Maria Del Rocio; Lacombe, Thierry; Boursiquot, Jean-Michel; Laucou, Valerie; Gualpa, Jose Luis; Fanzone, Martí­n Leandro; Sari, Santiago Eduardo; Perez Peña, Jorge Esteban; Prieto, Jorge Alejandro (2017)
      Background and Aims: Based on 19 nuclear simple sequence repeat markers and parental analysis, we aimed to identify and propose the pedigree of different accessions held at the Estación Experimental Agropecuaria Mendoza ...