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    • Transmission of 16SrIII-J phytoplasmas by the leafhoppers Paratanus exitiousus and Bergallia valdiviana 

      Quiroga, Nicolás; Longone, Maria Valeria; González, Ximena; Zamorano, Alan; Pino, Ana María; Picciau, Luca; Alma, Alberto; Paltrinieri, Samanta; Contaldo, Nicoletta; Bertaccini, Assunta; Fiore, Nicola (Mediterranean Phytopathological Union, 2019-09)
      Two of the most common leafhoppers present in Chile are the Cicadellidae Paratanus exitiosus and Bergallia valdiviana. They commonly occur in vineyards of central Chile, including some vineyards infected by phytoplasmas. ...