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    • Defining soybean maturity group options for contrasting weather scenarios in the American Southern Cone 

      Di Mauro, Guido; Parra, Gonzalo; Santos, Diego Jose; Enrico, Juan Martin; Zuil, Sebastian; Murgio, Marcos; Zbinden, Facundo; Costanzi, Jerónimo; Arias, Norma Monica; Carrio, Alejandro Javier; Vissani, Cristian Angel; Fuentes, Francisco Horacio; Salvagiotti, Fernando (Elsevier, 2022-10)
      Soybean genotypes are grouped in maturity groups (MG) based on the response to photoperiod, and a genotype belonging to a particular MG is recommended according to latitude and planting date. From an agronomic viewpoint, ...
    • Predicting soil test phosphorus decrease in non-P-fertilized conditions 

      Appelhans, Estefania Carolina; Carciochi, Walter Daniel; Correndo, Adrián A.; Gutierrez Boem, Flavio Hernán; Salvagiotti, Fernando; García, Fernando O.; Melchiori, Ricardo Jose; Barbagelata, Pedro Anibal; Ventimiglia, Luis Alberto; Ferraris, Gustavo Nestor; Vivas, Hugo Silverio; Caviglia, Octavio; Ciampitti, Ignacio A. (Wiley, 2020-02)
      Monitoring the availability of phosphorus (P) in soil under continuous cropping facilitates finding deficiency in crops and contributes to improving crop growth and nutrient management models. Soil P availability for crops ...