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    • Multi-Level approach for the analysis of water effects in corn flakes 

      Farroni, Abel Eduardo; Matiacevich, Silvia B.; Guerrero, Sandra; Alzamora, Stella; Buera, M. del Pilar (American Chemical Society, 2008-08)
      The purpose of this work was to analyze the effect of water on thermal transitions, mechanical properties, and molecular mobility in corn flakes (CF), and their relationships. Commercial common (CCF) and sugar-frosted (SCF) ...
    • Toasting time and cooking formulation affect browning reaction products development in corn flakes 

      Cueto, Mario Alberto; Perez Burillo, Sergio; Rufián Henares, José A.; Farroni, Abel Eduardo; Buera, M. del Pilar (2017-03)
      During toasting, the last stage of corn flake production, Maillard reaction takes place, favored by the high temperature and low water content. The cooking formulation ingredients influence color and flavor of the final ...