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    • Genetically diverse herpesviruses in South American Atlantic coast seabirds 

      Niemeyer, Claudia; Favero, Cíntia Maria; Shivaprasad, H.L.; Uhart, Marcela M.; Meyer Musso, Cesar; Rago, María Virginia; Silva-Filho, Rodolfo Pinho; Lima Canabarro, Paula; Craig, Marí­a Isabel; Olivera, Valeria Soledad; Pereda, Ariel Julian; Brandao, Paulo Eduardo; Catao Dias, Luiz (2017)
      Different herpesviruses have been associated with respiratory and enteric disease and mortality among seabirds and waterfowl. In 2011, a respiratory disease outbreak affected 58.3% (98/168) of the Magellanic penguins ...
    • Heat‑related massive chick mortality in an Imperial Cormorant Leucocarbo atriceps colony from Patagonia, Argentina 

      Quintana, Flavio; Uhart, Marcela M.; Gallo, Luciana; Mattera, María Belén; Rimondi, Agustina; Gómez‑Laich, Agustina (Springer, 2022-02)
      Climate change has exacerbated the frequency and severity of heat waves, which on occasion lead to mass mortalities. Here, we report a massive mortality event in Imperial Cormorant Leucocarbo atriceps chicks that took place ...
    • Post-mortem findings in southern right whales Eubalaena australis at Península Valdés, Argentina, 2003-2012 

      McAloose, Denise; Rago, María Virginia; Di Martino, Matías; Chirife, Andrea; Olson, Sarah; Beltramino, Lucas; Pozzi, Luciana Melina; Musmeci, Luciana; La Sala, Luciano Francisco; Mohamed, Nadia; Sala, Juan Emilio; Bandieri, Lucas; Andrejuk, Julian; Tomaszewicz, Ania; Seimon, Tracie; Sironi, Mariano; Samartino, Luis Ernesto; Rowntree, Victoria; Uhart, Marcela M. (2016)
      Between 2003 and 2012, 605 southern right whales (SRW; Eubalaena australis) were found dead along the shores of Península Valdés (PV), Argentina. These deaths included alarmingly high annual losses between 2007 and 2012, ...