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    • Exploring sunflower responses to Sclerotinia head rot at early stages of infection using RNA‑seq analysis 

      Fass, Monica Irina; Rivarola, Maximo Lisandro; Ehrenbolger, Guillermo Federico; Maringolo, Carla Andrea; Montecchia, Juan Francisco; Quiroz, Facundo Jose; García‑García, Francisco; Dopazo Blázquez, Joaquín; Hopp, Horacio Esteban; Heinz, Ruth Amelia; Paniego, Norma Beatriz; Lia, Veronica Viviana (Springer Nature, 2020-08)
      Sclerotinia head rot (SHR), caused by the necrotrophic fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, is one of the most devastating sunflower crop diseases. Despite its worldwide occurrence, the genetic determinants of plant resistance ...
    • On-field phenotypic evaluation of sunflower populations for broad-spectrum resistance to Verticillium leaf mottle and wilt 

      Montecchia, Juan Francisco; Fass, Monica Irina; Cerrudo, Ignacio; Quiroz, Facundo Jose; Nicosia, Salvador Maria; Maringolo, Carla Andrea; Di Rienzo, Julio A.; Troglia, Carolina Beatriz; Hopp, Horacio Esteban; Escande, Alberto; Gonzalez, Julio Horacio; Alvarez, Daniel; Heinz, Ruth Amelia; Lia, Veronica Viviana; Paniego, Norma Beatriz (Springer Nature, 2021-06)
      Sunflower Verticillium Wilt and Leaf Mottle (SVW), caused by Verticillium dahliae (Kleb.; Vd), is a soil-borne disease affecting sunflower worldwide. A single dominant locus, known as V1, was formerly effective in controlling ...
    • Plastome genomics in South American maize landraces: chloroplast lineages parallel the geographic structuring of nuclear gene pools 

      Lopez, Mariana Gabriela; Fass, Monica Irina; Rivas, Juan Gabriel; Carbonell-Caballero, José; Vera, Pablo Alfredo; Puebla, Andrea Fabiana; Defacio, Raquel Alicia; Dopazo, Joaquín; Paniego, Norma Beatriz; Hopp, Horacio Esteban; Lia, Verónica Viviana (Oxford University Press, 2021-03)
      Background and Aims: The number of plastome sequences has increased exponentially during the last decade. However, there is still little knowledge of the levels and distribution of intraspecific variation. The aims of this ...