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    • Plant-based vaccine for livestock : key points to unleash platform translation in developing countries 

      Perez Aguirreburualde, Maria Sol; Petruccelli, Silvana; Bravo Almonacid, Fernando Felix; Wigdorovitz, Andres (2016-12)
      Ten years ago the first plant-based vaccine was licensed (DowAgrosciences). It was only 20 years after the first report of a recombinant protein obtained through plant transformation technology. Back then, this vaccine was ...
    • Secretion systems of pathogenic escherichia coli 

      Navarro-García, Fernando; Ruiz-Perez, Fernando; Larzabal, Mariano; Cataldi, Angel Adrian (Springer International Publishing, 2016)
      Protein secretion plays a central role in modulating the interactions of bacteria with their environments. Bacterial ribosomes synthesize up to 8000 different proteins. Almost half of these become integrated in membranes ...
    • Serologic evidence of HoBi-like virus circulation in Argentinean water buffalo 

      Pecora, Andrea; Perez Aguirreburualde, María Sol; Malacari, Darí­o Amilcar; Zabal, Osvaldo Alfredo; Sala, Juan Manuel; Konrad, Jose Luis; Caspe, Sergio Gaston; Bauermann, Fernando; Ridpath, Julia; Dus Santos, Maria Jose (2017-11)
      HoBi-like pestiviruses (also known as bovine viral diarrhea virus 3) have been sporadically reported from naturally infected cattle in Brazil, Asia, and Europe. Although HoBi-like viruses seem to be endemic in Brazilian ...