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    • A contribution of beef to human health : a review of the role of the animal production systems 

      Pighin, Darí­o Gabriel; Pordomingo, Anibal; Pazos, Adriana Alejandra; Grigioni, Gabriela Maria; Godoy, Maria Fernanda; Paschetta, Fernanda; Chamorro, Verónica Celeste; Cunzolo, Sebastián Abel; Messina, Valeria (2016)
      Meat and meat products constitute important source of protein, fat, and several functional compounds. Although beef consumption may implicate possible negative impacts on human health, its consumption can also contribute ...
    • Introduction to the special issue on Balanced diets in food systems: emerging trends and challenges for human health and wellbeing 

      Descalzo, Adriana Maria; Muchenje, Voster; Mukumbo, Felicitas E.; Schönfeldt, Hettie C. (Elsevier, 2018-02-09)
      Diets are constantly changing, creating new challenges to existing food systems to deliver the food to meet these requirements. With a new focus on the outcomes of food systems in terms of human health and well-being, the ...
    • Una Plataforma para la salud : contra las alergias alimentarias 

      Gonzalez, Claudia Beatriz (Gerencia de Comunicación e Imagen Institucional, DNA SICC, INTA, 2011-12)
      Cada año, un mayor número de personas sufre de reacciones alérgicas desencadenadas por ciertos alimentos. A nivel internacional se reglamenta la identificación de sustancias alergénicas en los envases de los productos.
    • Variation for health-enhancing compounds and traits in onion (Allium cepa L.) germplasm 

      Insani, Ester Marina; Cavagnaro, Pablo; Salomon, Virginia Marí­a; Langman, Leandro Ezequiel; Sance, María; Pazos, Adriana Alejandra; Carrari, Fernando; Filippini, Olga; Vignera, Laura; Galmarini, Claudio Romulo (2016)
      Consumption of onion has been associated with reduced incidence of chronic diseases. Phenolic, organosulfur and carbohydrate compounds present are largely responsible for these effects. This study examined compositional ...