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    • High‐pressure processing of persimmon purée: Stability during chilled storage 

      Rodriguez, Anabel; Cap, Mariana; Ramos, Nelsi; Godoy, Maria Fernanda; Mascheroni, Rodolfo H.; Vaudagna, Sergio Ramon (Wiley, 2019-11-13)
      The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of the high pressure (HP) technology on the preservation of persimmon purée during chilled storage (1, 30, and 90 days at 4 ± 1 °C). Results showed that the treatment at 400 ...
    • Quality preservation and safety ensurement of a vegetable smoothie by high-pressure processing 

      Fernandez, María Verónica; Denoya, Gabriela Inés; Agüero, Maria Victoria; Vaudagna, Sergio Ramon; Jagus, Rosa Juana (Institute of Food Science & Technology, 2019-10-31)
      This research aims to evaluate the effect of a previously optimized high‐pressure processing (HPP) treatment on the vegetable smoothie stability during 28 days at 5 °C and on the inactivation of a contamination with Listeria ...