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    • Part 1: Review and validation of Codex priority allergen list through risk assessment 

      Baumert, Joseph; Brooke-Taylor, Simon; Chen, Hongbing; Crevel, René W.R.; Houben, Geert F.; Jackson, Lauren; Kyriakidis, Symeon; La Vieille, Sébastien; Lee, N. Alice; López, María Cristina; Luccioli, Stefano; O’Mahony, Patrick; Polenta, Gustavo Alberto; Pöpping, Bert; Remington, Benjamin C.; Södergren, Eva; Srikulnath, Sirinrat; Taylor, Stephen L.; Turner, Paul J. (FAO, 2021-05-10)
      The objectives of the meeting is to see whether the published criteria (FAO/WHO, 2000) for assessing additions and exclusions to the list is still current and appropriate. The Expert Committee determined that only foods ...