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    • Chapter 1 - An overview of the potential applications based on HPP mechanism 

      Ghafoor, Kashif; Gavahian, Mohsen; Marszałek, Krystian; Barba, Francisco J.; Xia, Qiang; Denoya, Gabriela Inés (Elsevier, 2020-09-04)
      Over the last decades, high-pressure processing (HPP) has shown its potential as one of the most relevant technologies for nonthermal food processing mainly due to its application for microbial inactivation while retaining ...
    • Chapter 11 - Valorization of waste and by-products from food industries through the use of innovative technologies 

      Zhu, Zhenzhou; Gavahian, Mohsen; Barba, Francisco J.; Roselló-Soto, Elena; Bursać Kovačević, Danijela; Putnik, Predrag; Denoya, Gabriela Inés (Elsevier, 2020-03-06)
      Food waste and by-products, which are normally regarded as not being valuable, have great potential for valuable compounds production. Valorization of these materials not only means more nutrients or bioactive compounds, ...