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    • Thermal buffering capacity of the germination phenotype across the environmental envelope of the Cactaceae 

      Seal, Charlotte E.; Daws, Matthew I.; Flores, Joel; Ortega Baes, Francisco Pablo; Galindez, Guadalupe; León Lobos, Pedro; Sandoval, Ana; Ceroni Stuva, Aldo; Ramírez Bullón, Natali; Dávila Aranda, Patricia; Ordoñez Salanueva, Cesar A.; Yáñez Espinosa, Laura; Ulian, Tiziana; Amosso, Cecilia; Zubani, Lino; Torres Bilbao, Alberto; Pritchard, Hugh W. (Wiley, 2017-06-28)
      Recruitment from seeds is among the most vulnerable stage for plants as global temperatures change. While germination is the means by which the vast majority of the world's flora regenerate naturally, a framework for ...