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    • A multi-resolution approach to national-scale cultivated area estimation of soybean 

      King, LeeAnn; Adusei, Bernard; Stehman, Stephen V.; Potapov, Peter V.; Xiao-Peng, Song; Krylov, Alexander; Di Bella, Carlos Marcelo; Loveland, Thomas R.; Johnson, David M.; Hansen, Matthew C. (2017-06)
      Satellite remote sensing data can provide timely, accurate, and objective information on cultivated area by crop type and, in turn, facilitate accurate estimates of crop production. Here, we present a generic multi-resolution ...
    • National-scale soybean mapping and area estimation in the United States using medium resolution satellite imagery and field survey 

      Xiao-Peng, Song; Potapov, Peter V.; Krylov, Alexander; King, LeeAnn; Di Bella, Carlos Marcelo; Hudson, Amy; Khan, Ahmad; Adusei, Bernard; Stehman, Stephen V.; Hansen, Matthew C. (2017)
      Reliable and timely information on agricultural production is essential for ensuring world food security. Freely available medium-resolution satellite data (e.g. Landsat, Sentinel) offer the possibility of improved global ...