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    • Diversity structure of the microbial communities in the guts of four neotropical termite species 

      Vikram, Surendra; Arneodo Larochette, Joel Demian; Calcagno, Javier; Ortiz, Maximiliano; Mon, Maria Laura; Etcheverry, Clara; Cowan, Donald; Talia, Paola Mónica (Peer J Inc., 2021-04)
      The termite gut microbiome is dominated by lignocellulose degrading microorganisms. This study describes the intestinal microbiota of four Argentinian higher termite species with different feeding habits: Microcerotermes ...
    • Neotropical termite microbiomes as sources of novel plant cell wall degrading enzymes 

      Romero Victorica, Matias; Soria, Marcelo Abel; Batista-García, Ramón Alberto; Ceja-Navarro, Javier A.; Vikram, Surendra; Ortiz, Maximiliano; Ontañon, Ornella; Ghio, Silvina; Martínez-Ávila, Liliana; Quintero García, Omar Jasiel; Etcheverry, Clara; Campos, Eleonora; Cowan, Donald; Arneodo Larochette, Joel Demian; Talia, Paola Mónica (Springer Nature, 2020-03-02)
      In this study, we used shotgun metagenomic sequencing to characterise the microbial metabolic potential for lignocellulose transformation in the gut of two colonies of Argentine higher termite species with different ...