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    • Severity of impacts of an introduced species corresponds with regional eco‐evolutionary experience 

      Davis, Kimberley T.; Callaway, Ragan M.; Fajardo, Alex; Pauchard, Aníbal; Núñez, Martín A.; Brooker, Rob W.; Maxwell, Bruce D.; Dimarco, Romina Daniela; Peltzer, Duane A.; Mason, Bill; Ruotsalainen, Seppo; McIntosh, Anne C.S.; Pakerman, Robin J.; Smith, Alyssa Laney; Gundale, Michel J. (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2018-09)
      Invasive plant impacts vary widely across introduced ranges. We tested the hypothesis that differences in the eco-evolutionary experience of native communities with the invader correspond with the impacts of invasive species ...