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    • First case report of Toxoplasma gondii-induced abortions and stillbirths in sheep in Argentina 

      Gual, Ignacio; Giannitti, Federico; Hecker, Yanina Paola; Shivers, J.; Entrocassi, Carolina; Morrell, Eleonora Lidia; Pardini, L.; Fiorentino, Marí­a Andrea; Rodríguez Fermepin, M.; Unzaga, Juan Manuel; Canton, German Jose; Venturini, María Cecilia; Moore, Prando Dadin (2018-05)
      The aim of this study is to report an episode of reproductive losses due to toxoplasmosis in a sheep flock in Argentina. A total of 15 abortions and 9 stillbirths were recorded in a flock of 190 Texel ewes. The affected ...