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    • Correlations between physical and chemical defences in plants: tradeoffs, syndromes, or just many different ways to skin a herbivorous cat? 

      Moles, Angela; Peco, Begoña; Wallis, Ian R.; Foley, William J.; Poore, Alistair G.B.; Seabloom, Eric William; Vesk, Peter A.; Bisigato, Alejandro Jorge; Cella Pizarro, Lucrecia; Clark, Connie J.; Cohen, Philippe S.; Cornwell, William K.; Edwards, Will; Ejrnæs, Rasmus; Gonzales‐Ojeda, Therany; Graae, Bente J.; Hay, Gregory; Lumbwe, Fainess C.; Magaña‐Rodríguez, Benjamín; Moore, Ben D.; Peri, Pablo Luis; Poulsen, John R.; Stegen, James C.; Veldtman, Ruan; Zeipel, Hugo von; Andrew, Nigel R.; Boulter, Sarah L.; Borer, Elizabeth T.; Cornelissen, Johannes H.C.; Farji Brener, Alejandro Gustavo; DeGabriel, Jane L.; Jurado, Enrique; Kyhn, Line A.; Low, Bill; Mulder, Christa P.H.; Reardon Smith, Kathryn; Rodrıguez Velazquez, Jorge; De Fortier, An; Zheng, Zheng; Blendinger, Pedro Gerardo; Enquist, Brian J.; Facelli, Jose M.; Knight, Tiffany; Majer, Jonathan D.; Martinez Ramos, Miguel; McQuillan, Peter; Hui, Francis K.C. (Wiley, 2013-04)
      Most plant species have a range of traits that deter herbivores. However, understanding of how different defences are related to one another is surprisingly weak. Many authors argue that defence traits trade off against ...