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    • Fading opportunities for mitigating agriculture-environment trade-offs in a south American deforestation hotspot 

      Law, Elizabeth A.; Macchi, Leandro; Baumann, Mathias; Decarre, Julieta; Gavier Pizarro, Gregorio Ignacio; Levers, Christian; Mastrangelo, Matías Enrique; Murray, Francisco; Müller, Daniel; Piquer‐Rodriguez, María; Torres, Ricardo; Wilson, Kerrie A.; Kuemmerle, Tobias (Elsevier, 2021-10)
      Strong trade-offs between agriculture and the environment occur in deforestation frontiers, particularly in the world's rapidly disappearing tropical and subtropical dry forests. Pathways to mitigate these trade-offs are ...
    • Trade‐offs between biodiversity and agriculture are moving targets in dynamic landscapes 

      Macchi, Leandro; Decarre, Julieta; Goijman, Andrea Paula; Mastrangelo, Matías Enrique; Blendinger, Pedro G.; Gavier Pizarro, Gregorio Ignacio; Murray, Francisco; Piquer‐Rodriguez, María; Semper-Pascal, Asunción; Kuemmerle, Tobias (Wiley, 2020-07)
      Understanding how biodiversity responds to intensifying agriculture is critical to mitigating the trade‐offs between them. These trade‐offs are particularly strong in tropical and subtropical deforestation frontiers, yet ...