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    • Increasing synergistic effects of habitat destruction and hunting on mammals over three decades in the Gran Chaco 

      Romero Muñoz, Alfredo; Benitez López, Ana; Zurell, Damaris; Baumann, Mathias; Camino, Micaela; Decarre, Julieta; del Castillo, Hugo; Giordano, Anthony; Gómez Valencia, Bibiana; Levers, Christian; Noss, Andrew J.; Quiroga, Verónica; Thompson, Jeffrey J.; Torres, Ricardo; Velilla, Marianella; Weiler, Andrea; Kuemmerle, Tobias (2020-03-17)
      Habitat destruction and overexploitation are the main threats to biodiversity and where they co-occur, their combined impact is often larger than their individual one. Yet, detailed knowledge of the spatial footprints of ...