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    • Herbivores safeguard plant diversity by reducing variability in dominance 

      Mortensen, Brent; Danielson, Brent; Harpole, William Stanley; Alberti, Juan; Arnillas, Carlos Alberto; Biederman, Lori; Borer, Elizabeth T.; Cadotte, Marc William; Dwyer, John Matthew; Hagenah, Nicole; Hautier, Yann; Peri, Pablo Luis; Seabloom, Eric William (2018-01)
      Reductions in community evenness can lead to local extinctions as dominant species exclude subordinate species; however, herbivores can prevent competitive exclusion by consuming otherwise dominant plant species, thus ...
    • Nutrient availability controls the impact of mammalian herbivores on soil carbon and nitrogen pools in grasslands 

      Sitters, Judith; Wubs, E.R. Jasper; Bakker, Elisabeth S.; Crowther, Thomas W.; Adler, Peter B.; Bagchi, Sumanta; Bakker, Jonathan D.; Biederman, Lori; Borer, Elizabeth T.; Cleland, Elsa E.; Eisenhauer, Nico; Firn, Jennifer L.; Gherardi, Laureano A.; Hagenah, Nicole; Hautier, Yann; Hobbie, Sarah E.; Knops, Johannes M.H.; MacDougall, Andrew S.; McCulley, Rebecca L.; Moore, Joslin L.; Mortensen, Brent; Peri, Pablo Luis; Prober, Suzanne M.; Riggs, Charlotte E.; Risch, Anita C.; Schütz, Martin; Seabloom, Eric William; Siebert, Julia; Stevens, Carly J.; Veen, G.F. (Ciska) (Wiley, 2020-02)
      Grasslands are subject to considerable alteration due to human activities globally, including widespread changes in populations and composition of large mammalian herbivores and elevated supply of nutrients. Grassland soils ...
    • Spatial heterogeneity in species composition constrains plant community responses to herbivory and fertilisation 

      Hodapp, Dorothee; Borer, Elizabeth T.; Harpole, William Stanley; Lind, Eric M.; Seabloom, Eric William; Adler, Peter B.; Alberti, Juan; Arnillas, Carlos Alberto; Bakker, Jonathan D.; Biederman, Lori; Cadotte, Marc; Cleland, Elsa E.; Collins, Scott; Fay, Philip A.; Firn, Jennifer L.; Hagenah, Nicole; Hautier, Yann; Iribarne, Oscar; Knops, Johannes M.H.; McCulley, Rebecca L.; MacDougall, Andrew S.; Moore, Joslin L.; Morgan, John W.; Mortensen, Brent; La Pierre, Kimberly J.; Risch, Anita C.; Schütz, Martin; Peri, Pablo Luis; Stevens, Carly J.; Wright, Justin P.; Hillebrand, Helmut (Wiley, 2018-09)
      Environmental change can result in substantial shifts in community composition. The associated immigration and extinction events are likely constrained by the spatial distribution of species. Still, studies on environmental ...