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    • Leaf nutrients, not specific leaf area, are consistent indicators of elevated nutrient inputs 

      Firn, Jennifer L.; McGree, James M.; Harvey, Eric; Flores-Moreno, Habacuc; Schütz, Martin; Buckley, Yvonne M.; Borer, Elizabeth T.; Seabloom, Eric William; La Pierre, Kimberly J.; MacDougall, Andrew S.; Prober, Suzanne M.; Stevens, Carly J.; Sullivan, Lauren L.; Porter, Erica; Ladouceur, Emma; Allen, Charlotte; Moromizato, Karine H.; Morgan, John W.; Harpole, William Stanley; Hautier, Yann; Eisenhauer, Nico; Wright, Justin P.; Adler, Peter B.; Arnillas, Carlos Alberto; Bakker, Jonathan D.; Biederman, Lori; Broadbent, Arthur A.D.; Brown, Cynthia S.; Bugalho, Miguel N.; Caldeira, Maria C.; Cleland, Elsa E.; Ebeling, Anne; Fay, Philip A.; Hagenah, Nicole; Kleinhesselink, Andrew R.; Mitchell, Rachel; Moore, Joslin L.; Nogueira, Carla; Peri, Pablo Luis; Roscher, Christiane; Smith, Melinda D.; Wragg, Peter D.; Risch, Anita C. (Nature Research, 2019)
      Leaf traits are frequently measured in ecology to provide a ‘common currency’ for predicting how anthropogenic pressures impact ecosystem function. Here, we test whether leaf traits consistently respond to experimental ...