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    • Closantel plasma and milk disposition in dairy goats: assessment of drug residues in cheese and ricotta 

      Iezzi, Sebastián Juan; Lifschitz, Adrian Luis; Sallovitz, Juan Manuel; Nejamkin, Pablo; Lloberas, María Mercedes; Manazza, Jorge Alberto; Lanusse, Carlos Edmundo; Imperiale, Fernanda Andrea (Wiley, 2014-12)
      Closantel (CLS) is currently used in programs for the strategic control of gastrointestinal nematodes. CLS is extralabel used in different dairy goat production systems. From available data in dairy cows, it can be concluded ...
    • Eprinomectin accumulation in Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus : pharmacokinetic and efficacy assessment 

      Lifschitz, Adrian Luis; Nava, Santiago; Mangold, Atilio Jose; Imperiale, Fernanda Andrea; Ballent, Mariana; Canevari, Jose Tobias; Lanusse, Carlos Edmundo (2016-01)
      Eprinomectin (EPM) is a macrocyclic lactone used against endo-ectoparasites without withdrawal time in milk and meat after its pour-on administration at 0.5 mg/kg. Previous experiments evaluated the efficacy of EPM against ...