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    • Deciphering the transcriptomic regulation of heat stress responses in Nothofagus pumilio 

      Estravis Barcala, Maximiliano; Heer, Katrin; Marchelli, Paula; Ziegenhagen, Birgit; Arana, María Veronica; Bellora Pereyra, Nicolás (Plos One, 2021-03-30)
      Global warming is predicted to exert negative impacts on plant growth due to the damaging effect of high temperatures on plant physiology. Revealing the genetic architecture underlying the heat stress response is therefore ...
    • Molecular bases of responses to abiotic stress in trees 

      Estravis Barcala, Maximiliano; Mattera, María Gabriela; Soliani, Carolina; Bellora Pereyra, Nicolás; Opgenoorth, Lars; Heer, Katrin; Arana, María Veronica (Oxford University Press, 2020-06)
      Trees are constantly exposed to climate fluctuations, which vary with both time and geographic location. Environmental changes that are outside of the physiological favorable range usually negatively affect plant performance ...