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    • Accurate and fast identification of Campylobacter fetus in bulls by real-time PCR targeting a 16S rRNA gene sequence 

      Delpiazzo, Rafael; Barcellos, Maila; Barros, Sofia; Bentacor, Laura; Fraga, Martin; Gil, Jorge; Iraola, Gregorio; Morsella, Claudia Graciela; Paolicchi, Fernando; Perez, Ruben; Riet Correa, Franklin; Sanguinetti, Margarita; Silva Silveira, Caroline da; Caballeros, Lucía (Elsevier, 2020-12-24)
      Campylobacter fetus is an important animal pathogen that causes infectious infertility, embryonic mortality and abortions in cattle and sheep flocks. There are two recognized subspecies related with reproductive disorders ...