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    • Modulation of host plant immunity by Tobamovirus proteins 

      Conti, Gabriela; Rodriguez, Maria Cecilia; Venturuzzi, Andrea Laura; Asurmendi, Sebastian (2017-03)
      To establish successful infection, plant viruses produce profound alterations of host physiology, disturbing unrelated endogenous processes and contributing to the development of disease. In tobamoviruses, emerging evidence ...
    • TMV induces RNA decay pathways to modulate gene silencing and disease symptoms 

      Conti, Gabriela; Zavallo, Diego; Venturuzzi, Andrea Laura; Rodriguez, Maria Cecilia; Crespi, Martin; Asurmendi, Sebastian (2017)
      RNA decay pathways comprise a combination of RNA degradation mechanisms that are implicated in gene expression, development and defense responses in eukaryotes. These mechanisms are known as the RNA Quality Control or RQC ...