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    • Epidemiology of Pig Tuberculosis in Argentina 

      Barandiaran, Soledad; Marfil, Maria Jimena; Capobianco, Guillermo; Perez Aguirreburualde, María Sol; Zumarraga, Martin Jose; Eirin, Maria Emilia; Cuerda, Maria Ximena; Winter, Marina; Martinez Vivot, Marcela; Pérez, Andrés Maximiliano; La Sala, Luciano Francisco (Frontiers Editorial, 2021-07)
      Bovine tuberculosis (bTB) is a disease caused mainly by the Mycobacterium bovis and that is endemic to livestock populations in most Latin American countries. Traditionally, bTB control programs are costly and targeted to ...
    • Evaluation of a virulent strain of Mycobacterium avium subsp. Paratuberculosis used as a heat-killed vaccine 

      Colombatti Olivieri, Maria Alejandra; Moyano, Roberto Damian; Mon, Maria Laura; Gravisaco, María José; Alvarado Pinedo, María Fiorella; Delgado, Fernando Oscar; Hernández Pando, Rogelio; Alonso, Maria Natalia; Cuerda, Maria Ximena; Santangelo, María De La Paz; Romano, Maria Isabel (Elsevier, 2021-11)
      Bovine paratuberculosis is one of the most important chronic infectious diseases in livestock. This disease is difficult to control because of its inefficient management (test and cull strategy and inadequate biosecurity). ...
    • Pathogenesis of domestic pigs submitted to mycobacterial sensitizations previous to experimental infection with Mycobacterium bovis 

      Cuerda, Maria Ximena; Colombatti Olivieri, Maria Alejandra; Gravisaco, María José; Marfil, Maria Jimena; Barandiaran, Soledad; Sevilla, Iker A.; Garrido, Joseba M.; Moyano, Roberto Damian; Zumarraga, Martin Jose; Romano, Maria Isabel; Juste, Ramón A.; Santangelo, María De La Paz (INIA (España), 2022-03)
      Aim of study: To demonstrate the virulence of a Mycobacterium bovis local pig isolate in order to contribute to a better understanding of the pathological and immunological consequences of M. bovis infection in previous ...