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    • Geoscience and remote sensing on horticulture as support for management and planning 

      Marinelli, María Victoria; Scavuzzo, Carlos Matías; Giobellina, Beatriz Liliana; Scavuzzo, Carlos Marcelo (Open Access Pub, 2019)
      The importance of horticulture around the large cities, called green belt (GB), or proximity food production area is related to its contribution to the provision of food as well as its role on social, cultural and ecological ...
    • Mapping and characterizing the Green Belt of Córdoba: land dynamics and the urban-rural transformation process 

      Mari, Nicolás Alejandro; Giobellina, Beatriz Liliana; Benitez, Roger Alejandro; Marinelli, María Victoria (Open Access Pub, 2019)
      In Córdoba, Argentina, the peri-urban horticulture is in conflict with industrial agriculture and urban development. This problem is partly due to urban expansion to rural areas occurred in the last years and to monoculture ...
    • Producción frutihortícola en la Región Alimentaria de Córdoba. Caracterización y mapeo 2018-2020 

      Giobellina, Beatriz Liliana; Marinelli, María Victoria; Lobos, Damián Andrés; Eandi, Mariana; Bisio, Catalina; Butinof, Mariana; Narmona, Luis; Romero Asis, Melisa (Ediciones INTA; Agencia de Extensión Rural Córdoba, 2022)
      Luego de muchos años de impulsar la defensa del Cinturón Verde de Córdoba desde el Observatorio de la Agricultura Urbana, Periurbana y de la Agroecología (O-AUPA) y sus redes de cooperación –SSAF, APRODUCO, IG-CONAE, ...