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    • Allelic differences in a vacuolar invertase affect Arabidopsis growth at early plant development 

      Coluccio Leskow, Carla; Dominguez, Pia Guadalupe; Díaz Zirpolo, José Antonio; Obata, Toshihiro; Kamenetzky, Laura; Costa, Hernán; Taboga, Oscar Alberto; Marti, Hector Ruben; Keurentjes, Joost; Sulpice, Ronan; Ishihara, Hirofumi; Stitt, Mark; Fernie, Alisdair R.; Carrari, Fernando (2016)
      Improving carbon fixation in order to enhance crop yield is a major goal in plant sciences. By quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping, it has been demonstrated that a vacuolar invertase (vac-Inv) plays a key role in ...
    • Metabolic analyses of interspecific tomato recombinant inbred lines for fruit quality improvement 

      Lopez, Mariana Gabriela; Zanor, María Inés; Pratta, Guillermo Raúl; Stegmayer, Georgina; Boggio, Silvana Beatriz; Conte, Mariana; Bermudez Salazar, Luisa; Coluccio Leskow, Carla; Rodríguez, Gustavo Rubén; Picardi, Liliana Amelia; Zorzoli, Roxana; Fernie, Alisdair R.; Milone, Diego Humberto; Asis, Ramón; Valle, Estela Marta; Carrari, Fernando (Springer, 2015-10)
      Elucidating the determinants of tomato nutritional value and fruit quality to introduce improved varieties on the international market represents a major challenge for crop biotechnology. Different strategies can be ...
    • The cytosolic invertase NI6 affects vegetative growth, flowering, fruit set, and yield in tomato 

      Coluccio Leskow, Carla; Conte, Mariana; del Pozo, Talía; Bermudez Salazar, Luisa; Lira, Bruno Silvestre; Gramegna, Giovanna; Baroli, Irene; Burgos, Estanislao; Zavallo, Diego; Kamenetzky, Laura; Asis, Ramón; Gonzalez, Maurıcio; Fernie, Alisdair R.; Rossi, Magdalena; Osorio, Sonia; Carrari, Fernando (Oxford University Press, 2021-03)
      Sucrose metabolism is important for most plants, both as the main source of carbon and via signaling mechanisms that have been proposed for this molecule. A cleaving enzyme, invertase (INV) channels sucrose into sink ...