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    • Distribution and prevalence of Nosema apis and N. ceranae in temperate and subtropical eco-regions of Argentina 

      Pacini, Adriana Cecilia; Mira, Anabela; Molineri, Ana Ines; Giacobino, Agostina; Bulacio Cagnolo, Natalia Veronica; Aignasse, Andrea María Elisa; Zago, Luis Fernando Basili; Izaguirre, Mercedes; Merke, Julieta; Orellano, Emanuel; Bertozzi, Ezequiel; Pietronave, Hernan Pablo; Russo, Romina Maria; Scannapieco, Alejandra Carla; Lanzavecchia, Silvia Beatriz; Schnittger, Leonhard; Signorini, Marcelo (2016-11)
      A total of 361 colonies from 59 apiaries located in two temperate and three subtropical eco-regions were examined during the post-harvest period to determine distribution and prevalence of Nosema spp. Apiaries from subtropical ...
    • Genetic variation and heteroplasmy of Varroa destructor inferred from ND4 mtDNA sequences 

      Muntaabski, Irina; Russo, Romina Maria; Liendo, María Clara; Palacio, María Alejandra; Cladera, Jorge Luis; Lanzavecchia, Silvia Beatriz; Scannapieco, Alejandra Carla (Springer, 2020-02)
      Varroa destructor, a parasitic mite of the western honey bee, Apis mellifera L., is a serious threat to colonies and beekeeping worldwide. Population genetics studies of the mite have provided information on two mitochondrial ...