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    • Plant-based vaccine for livestock : key points to unleash platform translation in developing countries 

      Perez Aguirreburualde, Maria Sol; Petruccelli, Silvana; Bravo Almonacid, Fernando Felix; Wigdorovitz, Andres (2016-12)
      Ten years ago the first plant-based vaccine was licensed (DowAgrosciences). It was only 20 years after the first report of a recombinant protein obtained through plant transformation technology. Back then, this vaccine was ...
    • Sustainable and Low Greenhouse Gas Emitting Rice Production in Latin America and the Caribbean : A Review on the Transition from Ideality to Reality 

      Chirinda, Ngonidzashe; Arenas, Laura; Katto, María; Loaiza, Sandra; Correa, Fernando; Isthitani, Manabu; Loboguerrero, Ana María; Martínez-Barón, Deissy; Graterol, Eduardo; Jaramillo, Santiago; Torres, Carlos Felipe; Arango, Miguel; Guzmán, Myriam; Avila, Ivan; Hube, Sara; Kurtz, Ditmar Bernardo; Zorrilla, Gonzalo; Terra, Jose; Irisarri, Pilar; Tarlera, Silvana; LaHue, Gabriel; Scivittaro, Walkyria Bueno; Noguera, Aldo; Bayer, Cimelio (2018-03)
      The burgeoning demand for rice in Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) exceeds supply, resulting in a rice deficit. To overcome this challenge, rice production should be increased, albeit sustainably. However, since rice ...